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About The Journal

Journal of Neuroscience & Psychology deals with researches on the application of psychological theories, neuroscientific methods, and neurophysiological frameworks.Journal of Neuroscience & Psychology is a peer-reviewed journal that has the original research published at the interface of neuroscience and a psychology.  It is an interdisciplinary journal, which serves them as a proper outlet for all the articles which are designed for the interest to be in its broad of audience. It is also well known for the neuropsychological assessment that is addressed to scholars globally. The psychiatry and Neuroscience journals are one of the top online journals which are published for research from the field of Neuropsychological Health.

Journal of Neuroscience &Psychology being an Open access system, and the manuscripts submitted here are for strict Peer-Review process before any publication. This is done to ensure that any literature published in the journal, is scientifically validated. Authors may submit manuscripts and may also track their progress through the system. Reviewers can also download manuscripts and may submit their opinions to the editor. 

Aim and Scope

Sciforce Journal of Neuroscience & Psychology  (JNP) journals and research papers are a gateway to the community of Neuroscience & Psychology experts, researchers and peers. While adhering to the international standards of online publishing, JNP aims to publish high quality, informative, scientific and well-researched content.

Journal of Neuroscience & Psychology